Weight Lifting Exercises And Cardio Exercises Are Most Effective For Women to Burn Body Fat | Method to Burn Body Fat

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Weight Lifting Exercises is most effective for women to burn body fat 

Most women used to be cautious about their body fat and they want most effective exercises to reduce body fat. If you are serious to reduce your body weight, then you should made up your mind that you need to eat a little healthier, and little exercise must be in your daily routine. 

Weight lifting exercise is the best exercise for women to burn body fat and keeps your body trim and tight or you can say it’s the most effective way for women to burn body fat. Don’t let this be intimidating… women physical composition is completely different from men physical composition. In fact, weight lifting will help you reduce fat during a workout by burning calories but your body works hard to recover afterwards for keeping the body metabolism raised for up to 48 hours afterwards.

Running and aerobic based workouts is not as effective as compare to it. Weight lifting is a very interesting exercise. Doing some warm up exercises before weight lifting make your exercise very pleasurable. Some of interesting weight lifting exercises is Split squats, Dumbbell squats, Bench press, Single arm dumbbell clean, Curl to press, and presses. 

Some Cardio Exercises for women to Burn body fat

Regular cardio exercises are very important thing we can do to burn body fat. There are many cardio exercises but the best one which you enjoy doing and don’t be afraid to mix the exercises up. Below are the some best cardio exercises for burning calories and getting in good shape.

1. Running

Running is one of the best cardio activities you can do to burn body fat. It doesn’t require any special training and some special equipment and you can do it anywhere. Running early morning gives great pleasure to mind and body.  And if you’re traveling to a warm weather climate, you will escape from the heat of the day.  

2. Bicycling

By bicycling you can easily burn 250 to 500 calories in 30 minutes. Cycling is a great fun activity which makes your exercise more enjoyable. A few miles of cycling per day is very effective to give you trimmer and toned muscles. In this activity your backside, upper thigh muscles and calf muscles all get to workout. 

3. Swimming 

Swimming is a nice cardio exercise for women to burn body fat. It gives good pleasure to body and mind. In swimming all of your body muscles do work. In a 30 minute of swimming exercise you can burn 400 calories of your body fat. The difference between swimming as compare to all other exercises is that you will never be bore in this exercise. 

4. Walking

Walking is an easiest cardio exercise to burn body fat. For walking exercise you don’t need to make any extra plan and you can start it anywhere Indoor or outdoor. But morning walk is most beneficial for our health and it also give us great pleasure. In 30 minute walking exercise you can burn around 180 calories of body fat.  Adding hills, sprints or even a few minutes of jogging can increase the amount of calories you burn. You should try to walk briskly–pretend you’re trying to get a bus. During walking exercise you head up, back straight and swing your arms. 

Women need extra precaution for their weight because women body easily got by disease as compare to men body. By combining weight lifting exercises with some cardio exercises women can easily manage their weight.

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  1. Richard says:

    I find Tae Bo pretty efitecfve at building muscle, and it takes little space and no equipment. I bought the kit that came with the resistance bands and the Ultimate Boot Camp DVD. Get other DVDs for variation, though. Your body gets used to one work out and you won’t keep seeing results. Cardio is very important for heart health and weight loss. Barbie is right on with running. It builds so much stamina and you can do it outside if you live in a safe neighborhood. It is also very refreshing for your mind. A real stress killer is running in a nice, pretty environment outside. I used to live near a lake and jogging to it and stopping to take a look was my favorite part of the day. How much you need to work out really depends on how fit you are trying to be, and how active you are the rest of the day. I sit at a desk, so I have to work out harder, but if you have an active job and good natural metabolism you may not need to work out as much. 1-2 lbs a week is usually the safest target when trying to lose weight. If you are still really clueless, visit your local YMCA, and most importantly LEARN ABOUT YOUR BODY and the way it works. Unless you know how your body absorbs food, how many calories you need in a day, how to read a nutrition label, etc you are wasting time going by other peoples opinions. Knowing your body’s physiology is the very best way to achieve health and wellness. There is no such thing as a diet and no best way to work out that works for everyone. It is all about making a lifestyle change and sticking to it.

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