Why Is A Paleo Diet So Essential?

| November 14, 2016

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The average person isn’t in love with what they see when they look in the mirror. In fact, more and more people are stressed out because they’re overweight, weak, and struggling with mounting pile of diseases that seems to get longer and more exotic by the year. From diabetes to acne, it’s harder and harder to keep our bodies in balance and shape. And of course, the fitness industry hasn’t done much to help. They’ve marketed plenty of fad diets and new pills, but they seem more designed to pad their wallets then to improve people’s health. So what’s been going wrong?

It might be our diets. Thousands of years ago, humans worked as hunter gatherers. They chased down everything that they ate and perfected their bodies through generations of work. In fact, we got so good at it that we invented agriculture to supplement our diets. But recent research is showing that our bodies don’t respond to grains the way we have always thought they did.

The problem with grains
Remember, grains are high in carbohydrates, and the less we work out throughout the day, the more glucose is stored in our systems. And that glucose is quickly stored as fat. High levels of glucose in the blood can force us to store fat and can even be responsible for diabetes.

In addition, most of these grains contain gluten. You may have seen a lot of gluten-free foods in supermarkets lately. More and more of our population is being diagnosed is intolerant to gluten, but this protein pops up in all kinds of grains. This stuff is very hard to digest, and secretes chemicals that damage your intestines.

And that’s not all. Modern grain-based foods have a high quantity of white flour. Heavily processed flour has good substances by bran and germ removed from them while they’re being processed. Afterwards, they are bleached with all kinds of nasty chemicals. Things as innocuous as white bread and white rice can actually make our situations worse.

The problem with sugar
White sugar needs to be avoided because of the lack of nutritional value and dangerous health consequences that come with taking it. Much like white flour, processed sugar has lost all of the qualities that might give it some health value. It stored as glucose, makes us fat, ruins our teeth, and inhibits proper brain function. Worst of all, many people are addicted to sugar and don’t even think about it during their day-to-day routines. Our ancestors never ate any of these things.

The problem with processed foods
We eat processed foods without thinking about them. Sure, we might marvel at how convenient they are, but we don’t think about the havoc they wreak on our body. And I’m not talking about some far-flung future where you get a strange disease. Stuff like potato chips and microwave dinners make you feel weak and slow almost immediately after taking them. Our bodies are good at adapting, so you might not notice this. But ask someone who has gotten away from these kind of foods to try one. Their reaction to tell you a lot about the real health value of these foods.

It’s Time For A Change
Paleo isn’t just a diet – it’s a lifestyle focused on eliminating elements in our diet that do the most harm and increasing the things that humans have used the best throughout history: grass fed meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and the occasional fruit. Why not take two weeks and see the very real effects on your weight and fitness level for yourself?

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