Oximeters And Athletes

| July 8, 2014

All athletes have a goal to strive to reach their goals. Many athletes push to succeed to their achieved goals. Athletic injuries do not only consist of a broken arm, twisted ankle or a injured back but also include of many unnoticed health conditions, such as respiratory conditions.

One of the most recent additions to the emergency kit for athletes is a pulse oximeter also known as a pulse ox. Many athletes suffer from heavy wheezing or bad asthma. The pulse oximeter uses a laser to gather data. The pulse ox is a device used by all athletes. The PC-60B2 oximeter features an organic light emitting device display and plethsmograph capabilities. It provides fast and accurate readings of blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate and audio/visual alarm functions. The pulse oximeter is battery operated and fits in your pocket.

Endurance, speed and efficiency are all goals that are critical to athletes in their pursuit of excellence.

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Professional athletes are considered as performers or entertainers, who perform in front of the admirers and audiences and are paid in return for their ability to entertain others. In other words, professional athletes play sports to make it a great source of earning name, fame and above all, the income. It should be noted that amateur players play for their own pleasure and satisfaction, while professional athletes perform for the pleasure of others, with the sole reason of making an earning. Here is a basic guide to help you learn more about the career option.FOr an athlete to maintain a normal oxygen range can actually help enhance workouts. The pulse ox is painless and are widely used amongst athletes. When the oxygen is passed through the lungs after inhaling the oxygen attaches itself to hemoglobin. The oxygenated blood can develop hypoxia, this is when a body is deprived of an adequate supply of oxygen. Therefore the finger pulse oximeter is a valuable training tool.

The oximeter is small, portable and very easy to use. The oximeter can fit on an athlete’s finger. The pulse ox offers a bright LED digital display of real-time values including SP02, pulse rate and arterial pulse. The PC-60B2 is used to monitor cardiac problems, asthma, COPD and many more. All athletes need an accurate reading of blood oxygen saturation at all times.

The pulse oximeter’s offered to you are portable, easy to use and come with many accessories.
Ensure that your oximeters are FDA approved and come with a user manual that is easy to follow. Many websites on the internet today supply more and more oximeter’s but do your homework to ensure your oximeter that is affordable, lightweight, high quality and very easy to use.

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